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user interface production
html development
instant win program
Mobile redemption Logic
backend CMS
animation production

Budweiser is the leading beer brand. Marketer wants to launch the instant lucky draw gaming for on-trade & off-trade promotion. Client appoints View-In team to develop web programming for FIFA.

We handle the user experience design, programming & lucky draw gaming development. We create a user-friendly web design for the end-user to submit the receipt in the portal. The website also lists the off-trade promotion channel detail and support the content management system for redemption monitoring.

百威啤酒是領先的啤酒品牌。 營銷人員希望推出即時抽獎遊戲,以進行貿易和非貿易促銷。 客戶任命ViewIn團隊開發FIFA的網絡編程。

我們負責用戶體驗設計,編程和幸運抽獎遊戲開發。 我們為最終用戶創建了一個網頁,以便在用戶提交收據。 該網站還列出了促銷渠道的詳細信息,並支持後台內容管理系統進行兌換監控。