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graphic adaptation
centralize video control program
vending machine
wechat h5 integration
hardware installation & rental

Life Plankton Eye Cream Launch – WuHan
BIOTHERM China launches the LIFE PLANKTON EYE in 2019 March. Brand launch the New Collection Pop-Up store in Wuhan. The agency appoints ViewIn team to support hardware rental and vending machine programming and support. Guests can through Wechat application scan the QR code to fill-in personal information. When application detect the database sync to server, guest can take the sample in vending machine.

Life Plankton 眼霜發布會 – 武漢
碧歐泉中國於2019年3月推出LIFE PLANKTON EYE。 品牌在武漢推出 New Collection 快閃店。品牌代理公司任命 ViewIn 團隊支持硬件租賃和自動售貨機編程和支持。 客人可以通過微信應用掃描二維碼填寫個人信息。 當應用程序檢測到數據庫同步到服務器時,客人可以在自動售貨機中取樣。