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Creative production
html programming
rsvp platform
mirror game application
photo taking game
hardware installation and rental

BIODERMA is a skincare brand in NEO DERM group. Brand launch the BeYourTrueSelf Pop-Up Store in Langham Place for digital engagement to mall visitors, then ViewIn team handle to plan and produce the full digital experience for BIODERMA.

Guests can register the personal information on the RSVP site first. When finish the registration, will receive the digital event pass, guests arrive at the event venue, staff will activate the event pass for traffic management.

We also produce the mirror interactive game in the event. Guests can finish the skincare quiz game first then the program will depend on the quiz result to show different photo frames, guests can take the photo for social media sharing. The program also prints out the mirror texture photo frame paper as an event souvenir to event guests.

BIODERMA是NEO DERM集團的護膚品牌。 品牌在朗豪坊開設了BeYourTrueSelf快閃店活動以吸引商場訪客進行數位互動,然後ViewIn團隊負責為BIODERMA規劃和執行完整的數字體驗。

訪客可以先在手機網站上註冊個人信息作活動預先登記。 完成註冊後,將收到數位活動通行證,客人到達快閃店活動,工作人員將激活該數位活動通行證以進行活動管理。

我們還在活動中製作鏡像互動遊戲。 客人可以先完成護膚個人習慣問答遊戲,然後程式將根據問答結果顯示不同的相框,客人可以拍攝照片以進行社交媒體共享。 互動照相亭會打印出鏡面相框紙,作為活動嘉賓的活動紀念品。