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Chroma Key Photo Programming
Whatsapp sticker experience
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AsiaWorld-Expo is a Hong Kong exhibition venue to launch different international events. In 2019 summer, Asia Expo launches the event “Springtime along the River” and would like to plan some interactive experience to happen in the event for visitors’ engagement.

Brand appoints View-In team to develop the chroma key photo booth, visitors need to take the photo first for personality analysis, visitors will get the result that what type of work in the ancient; then take the chroma key photo for customized-made character sticker. Visitors can scan the QR code to fill in personal information for the register AsiaExpo Club to get the Whatapps sticker image.

亞洲國際博覽館是一個在香港舉辦展覽的場地,可以舉辦各種國際活動。 在2019年夏季,亞洲博覽會開始舉辦“清明上河圖展覽活動”,並計劃為此次活動安排一些互動體驗,以吸引遊客參與。

品牌任命View-In團隊開發互動照相亭,參觀者需要首先拍攝照片以人臉辦識進行個性分析,從而得到的結果是什麼類型的古代角色; 然後拍下特別照片以定制角色貼紙。 訪客可以掃描QR碼填寫個人信息以註冊AsiaExpo Club,以獲得Whatapps Sticker貼紙圖像。