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WhatsApp Sticker production
mobile site intergration
game application

In 2019 summer, Asia Expo applies the concert theme in the Whatapps photo booth program. View-In team design and adapt the concert theme to engage AWE concert event visitors. Visitors can take the photo in the green screen area first, the program will show visitors the personality and fit for which sticker. Finally, the program will output the concert Whatapps sticker, visitors can fill in the personal information to get the output.

在2019年夏季,亞洲博覽會在Whatapps照相亭項目應用了演唱會主題。 View-In團隊設計並修整音樂會主題以吸引AWE音樂會活動的訪客。 訪客可以先在綠幕背景拍照,程式將顯示訪客的個性和合適的貼圖。 最後,程式將輸出演唱會Whatapps標籤,訪問者可以填寫個人資料再以個人WhatsApps帳號獲取輸出。